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How to Bring BZ to Your Church

ImageChart.pngBattleZONE is looking for churches throughout the world who want to develop an intentional relational discipleship culture through male leadership. BZM (BattleZONE Ministries) is committed to the relational discipleship model and our goal is to develop personal partnerships with each church God brings us to. The BattleZONE Training Course (BZTC) is not an off the shelf program that you can run with on your own, but a partnership that teams one of our trained BZ Coaches with 4 male leaders to sustain a 2 Timothy 2:2, Generational Relational Discipleship Strategy. This Strategy is Biblical, effective reproducible and generational.

Generation 1
A BZM Coach will meet with your male leaders for two hours a week for 11 consecutive weeks while discipling and training them to lead other men in your church using the same Biblical methods. Your leaders will then prayerfully select other men in your church / community to disciple using the BZTC. The Coaches Guide is included in the 275 full color training course. We do not see success as the total number of men taken through the BZTC, but the number of generational discipleship layers which instills a relational discipleship culture. We call this G-4 Discipleship, 2 Timothy 2:2.

Generation 2+
We believe that true Biblical discipleship is first relational which then relies on God's Word and Spirit for spiritual formation through relational discipleship. Relational depth and lifelong friendships are the outcome from every BZ group. The BZ Coach stays connected to support and coach each partnership in order to maintain the integrity of the BZTC and G4 successes. The G4 successes are when your organizations male leadership trained using the BZTC by a Certified BZ Coach. Then this G1 team then prayerfully and strategically selects their G2 teams to disciple using the BZTC (which is best accomplished in a team of two newly trained men). Next, that G2 team can repeat the process to develop a G3 & G4 culture of transparent, authentic, relational, accountable and loving male leadership in your organization.

We also have available the BZTC DVD Coach's Set to help prepare your newly trained Captain's/Coach's to effectively lead their G2 team of men.

This G4 Relational Discipleship Culture is known as the Harmony Principle, where Faith Skills, Real Life and Real Relationships collide in an environment yielded to the Holy Spirit. See graphic.

Getting started with the BZTC in the following steps:

1.  Contact BZM to dialogue strategy and costs
  a. Corporate at
  b. Take the 1-on-1 e-BattleZONE Training Exposure Course Online LINK
  c. Order a BattleZONE Training Course 2nd Edition Book for your review LINK
  d. Get Assigned a Certified BZ Coach; We are committed to find the right BZ Coach to lead your male leadership team.

2.  Connect with BZ Coach and set up a training schedule in person or via Skypea.
  a. Select an 11 week consecutive day and 2-hour time block for trainings. i.e. Mondays, 6;00-8:00pm.
  b. Schedule a Celebration Dinner with men and wives to hand out completions certificates and share testimonials. (mandatory)
  c. Hand out BZ Completion Certificates in Church Services (optional)

3.  Officially select and start your Generation 2 BZ Teams.
a. Each Captain/Coach should watch the 45 minute DVD prior to each week's trainings.
  b. Stay connected to your BZTC Coach for ongoing dialogue and coaching in person, phone or Skype.

4.  Repeat model.
5.  Schedule periodic BZ Men's Breakfast (optional)
6.  Hold BZ Coaches Clinics where a BZM representative will spend a weekend developing your male leaders to be more effective generational-relational-disciple-makers.