BZ Training Camp


Coach Training Camp:
COST: $12.00/person

The BattleZONE Training an 8 week group men's study designed as an introductory experience to the BattleZONE Training Course.

Our goal is for more men to be exposed to the BattleZONE principles and hands on tools in hopes of having each man take the next step and commit to the 11 week BattleZONE Training Course. This CAMP experience can be used in small to large group settings to create an interest in signing up to take the BattleZONE Training Course with a Certified BattleZONE Coach.

We strategically selected key lessons and activities directly from the 11 week Training Course. It is vital that you engage in the CAMP training with an open heart to consider continuing on to take the BattleZONE Training Course.


We have several vehicles that you can utilize to help you in your relational-discipleship process.

1. Coach's Clinics—held several times a year in various locations. Call or email to discuss how to join or host this half day clinic.

2. Conference or Skype calls with a qualified coach—are available to all of our BattleZONE partners to assist you and your leaders in understanding and implementing the BattleZONE Training Course.

3. The Coaches DVD or Online video series. To purchase the online or 11 DVD set go to BattleZONE Store Page on website

4. Access the various tools in this Coaches section. We will be adding handouts, videos and other materials that have been used by coaches to help implement key concepts from the BattleZONE Training Course.